Our success story

The nowadays IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH was established in 1992 by the graduate engineer Bernd Dormeier.

One year later chucks and brakes would be developed. By the same time the employees would expanded for an office worker.

The first sales corporation at the Czech Republic was established.

The IBD Wickeltechnik became independent by changing into a Ltd. corporation.

It was our great pleasure to open our own company building espacially designed for a customer service and distribution central. From here started to distribute pneumatic collar adapters. Also we hired an additional design engineer and another sales representative.

Due to the continuous improvement and development of our existing winding and clamping systems a new control system was introduced into the market.

We developed the IBD pneumatic mechanical expansion shaft with centric clamping. At the same time we started to cooperate with sales agencies at Indonesia, Great Britain, Spain and Finland.

We introduced our own guiding system into the market. At the same we established new corporations with our commercial sales agencies in East Europe, France, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark.

We introdced our new solution for unwinding and shaft handling systems into the market.

After presenting our innovative products at the “Drupa” and “K” exhibition we were able to double our export volume worldwide.

We reached a big aperture by developing a new differential rewind shaft with stable design to achieve high load capacity and reliable winding of very thin materials.

Development of a high innovative edge strip winder to wind different materials of different thicknesses and widths with and without core.

Establishing a new production and assembly facility in central Germany (Bad Oeynhausen) with more than 700 square meters and equipped with latest technology as an investment into the future.

Extension of the production plant about 200 qm

introduction of the IBD standart chaft…

new cooperation with Norman G. Clark – Australia and Amel – Spain and IBD

IBD celebrate the 25. anniversary and reviews many succesful years

IBD takes the professional representation for Re S.p.A. Controlli Industrial (Italy) in Germany

Bernd Dormeier – our company founder and managing director – died much too early at the age of 57 due to a tragic traffic accident!

His experience, commitment and knowledge have made him an important contributor to the successful development of our company.
As employees and confidants, we will honour his memory and continue to run the company just as successfully in his spirit.

Aufgrund seiner Erfahrung, seines Engagements und Wissens hat er prägenden Anteil an der erfolgreichen Entwicklung unseres Unternehmens.
Wir als Mitarbeiter und Vertraute werden sein Andenken in Ehren bewahren und das Unternehmen in seinem Sinne ebenso erfolgreich weiterführen.

Assignment of the new management – Sabine Brunstein, Holger Brink and Dennis Hermann
“As the new management we can promise you that the name IBD will continue to stand for quality, service and delivery reliability.”

Expansion – almost doubling of the production area

Due to the cooperation with our design department we are already prepared for new innovative developments.

The personal contact to our customers and on easy and immediate service are more important than ever to use since we extended both our product range and the number of customers.

The personal contact to our customers isn´t a matter of kilometers but a matter of trust, partnership and the mutual wish to succeed.

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