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Everything is a question of the perfect winding technology.

High quality products, reliable
and competent advice.

Winding shafts

Pneumo-mechanical precision shaft, Pneumo-mechanical precision shafts, Differential shafts, Adapters

Clamping chucks

Pneumatic clamping chucks, Mechanical clamping chucks, Adapters

Safety Chucks

Safety chucks in foot and flange version , Sliding chucks – foot version.

Brakes for machines

Pneumatic Disc Brake, Magnetic powder brakes or Magnetic Powder Clutches.

Web Control

Web control, Web guide system, Sensors, Pivot guides, Load Cells, Linear Actuators.

Winding Technology

Everything today and in the future is about absolute safety, reliability and quality in all fields of machine winding. Innovative solutions pointing to the future are demanded and required here. Solutions that are right for your company and for your requirements. More economical, more fl exible and safer. Winding system products on which you canrely. This is what our name has stood for since 1992 and what well-known companies world wide place their trust in. Now and for the future.



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