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Super lightweight due to hard-anodised aluminium journal


Manufacturers regularly ask for increasingly lightweight winding shafts. They usually want to achieve higher user-friendliness or are compelled by work regulations in their country to find other options to reduce weight. Just because shaft handling devices are very expensive or cannot be used due to sheer lack of space, the winding shaft offers optimisation potential. For this purpose the IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH developed a clamping shaft with aluminium bearing pin for the packaging industry for a customer in Australia. The low weight was crucial since a regulation is applicable for many companies in Australia that a worker is allowed [...]

Super lightweight due to hard-anodised aluminium journal2020-05-25T11:22:50+02:00

The new flat hose profile FLB-150


With 9 strips as lightweight construction Due to the new lighter layout of the profile, we have a weight reduction compared with the: F 150-10 profile of 8.5 kg/m F 150-06 profile of 6.0 kg/m FLB 150-06 lightweight construction profile of 2.0 kg/m. Thanks to the new layout of the profile, replacing a defective hose of the clamping bars is very easy. Only a protective ring has to be removed. By doing the journals remain in the shaft and do not have to be realigned. With the 9 strips, we are able to respond to all customer [...]

The new flat hose profile FLB-1502020-05-25T11:23:35+02:00