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IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH decides to cancel the participation at the ICE Munich 2021


After extensive analysis of the ongoing situation with Covid-19, the development of adequate hygiene concepts as well as the evaluation of current trade fair events and numerous customer conversations (national as well as international), the management of IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH has decided to cancel the participation at the ICE in Munich next year. Despite the cancellation of the participation we still want to provide the best possible service and support. We will use the saved capacities for our customer service and sales that our missing participation is not your disadvantage. Related articles [...]

IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH decides to cancel the participation at the ICE Munich 20212020-11-02T12:55:55+01:00

Certification for “Excellent credit rating 2020


With preasure and a little pride today we received the certification for "Excellent credit rating 2020" by the Creditreform Herford / Minden. We see this award as proof that IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH is on the right course for a successful future despite these difficult times. We thank the Creditreform team and take this certification as wind in our sails for another successful year.   Similar contributions

Certification for “Excellent credit rating 20202020-08-19T08:02:34+02:00

IBD expansion shaft with shell system. The new 6″ design


The aluminium profile winding shaft with clamping shells was developed especially for coreless winding and for the use with thin-walled cores. The core-protecting characteristic of this design makes the shaft very interesting for many industrial sectors. Due to the aluminium profile the expansion shaft is extreme light. In addition to the already existing 3" diameter, the new 6" diameter enables a much higher load capacity. Both expansion shafts can also be ordered with material clamping for coreless applications. The shell expansion shafts are available with standard journals, journals on customers request or as a flanged version for cantilever [...]

IBD expansion shaft with shell system. The new 6″ design2020-08-18T14:46:13+02:00

Inspiration: Axially movable expansion shaft


With the axially adjustable flat tube expansion shafts for a customer in the packaging industry, we have designed a real product highlight. The cantilever mounted winding shaft is equipped an adjustment mechanism on the front side for manual axial displacement of the shaft body by up to ± 20 mm. This allows perfect alignment of the fixed winding material. The light aluminium body and clamping bars are anodized. Bearing journal and adjustment mechanism are made of stainless steel to ensure a high hygienic standard and FDA conformity. The flat tube system with pre-centering bars is an [...]

Inspiration: Axially movable expansion shaft2020-08-17T12:23:02+02:00

From special construction to customer favourite


Exactly 25 years ago, we at IBD Wickeltechnik designed our first aluminium profile expansion shaft for 3'' cores as a special application for a customer in the packaging industry. With the profile shaft, we fulfilled the customer's request for a much lighter expansion shaft that would help the machine operator when changing rolls frequently. The flat tube system with continuous expansion ledges became a meaningful alternative to our strong central tube expansion shafts. The weight, the price and the sleeve-protecting characteristics made the aluminium profile expansion shaft so popular to our customers that we were able to extend our [...]

From special construction to customer favourite2020-08-17T12:43:08+02:00

Branch expert Oliver Funk joins IBD Wickeltechnik.


With more than 15 years of experience in the field of winding technology, Oliver Funk joins IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH. Oliver Funk's industry and product knowledge from the former stations make him the ideal addition to the consulting team of IBD Wickeltechnik. In a short interview with Mr. Funk some interesting questions could be discussed: Why did you decide to change to IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH? The decision to change to IBD is clearly due to the customer orientation. The slogan "The customer is king" has lost weight in the industry over the last years. However, this does not apply to the [...]

Branch expert Oliver Funk joins IBD Wickeltechnik.2020-08-17T12:53:34+02:00

Super lightweight due to hard-anodised aluminium journal


Manufacturers regularly ask for increasingly lightweight winding shafts. They usually want to achieve higher user-friendliness or are compelled by work regulations in their country to find other options to reduce weight. Just because shaft handling devices are very expensive or cannot be used due to sheer lack of space, the winding shaft offers optimisation potential. For this purpose the IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH developed a clamping shaft with aluminium bearing pin for the packaging industry for a customer in Australia. The low weight was crucial since a regulation is applicable for many companies in Australia that a worker is allowed [...]

Super lightweight due to hard-anodised aluminium journal2020-05-25T11:22:50+02:00

The new flat hose profile FLB-150


With 9 strips as lightweight construction Due to the new lighter layout of the profile, we have a weight reduction compared with the: F 150-10 profile of 8.5 kg/m F 150-06 profile of 6.0 kg/m FLB 150-06 lightweight construction profile of 2.0 kg/m. Thanks to the new layout of the profile, replacing a defective hose of the clamping bars is very easy. Only a protective ring has to be removed. By doing the journals remain in the shaft and do not have to be realigned. With the 9 strips, we are able to respond to all customer [...]

The new flat hose profile FLB-1502020-05-25T11:23:35+02:00
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