Your high requirements are our challenge.

In order to implement them in technologically high quality products.

With the experience and knowledge of over 20 years, we have considerable know-how and advanced competence for all areas in which high quality winding shafts are needed. They form the solid base for particularly high stress demands. In this way, IBD Wickeltechnik fulfi ls the most stringent demands for quality and technology as well as offering a comprehensive range of accessories at the same time.

Winding shafts with lightweight aluminium profile

Pneumatic flat hose winding shaft.

NEW!!! 150 mm, 6 “now with 10 gripping leaf profile

High-power clamping shafts

Pneumatic center tube winding shaft

IBD Standard aluminium clamping shafts

Quick, simple and low-priced!

Pneumo-mechanical precision shaft

Concentricity of 0.1 mm at the tensioned sleeve

Flat hose shells winding shafts

Particularly suitable for sleeveless wrapping.

Einseitig gelagerte Wickelwelle mit Lagereinheit und Bremse / Kupplung

WWL Module

Cantilever mounted winding shaft with flange and brake/coupling


Differential shafts

Suitable for winding up several separate rolls of material next to each other.

Spannwellen Adapter

Clamping shaft adapter

If larger sleeves are to be used at short notice.

Winding Shaft Accessories

Filling pistol, shaft parts, attachments, etc.