The new flat hose profile FLB-150

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With 9 strips as lightweight construction

Due to the new lighter layout of the profile, we have a weight reduction compared with the:

  • F 150-10 profile of 8.5 kg/m
  • F 150-06 profile of 6.0 kg/m
  • FLB 150-06 lightweight construction profile of 2.0 kg/m.

Thanks to the new layout of the profile, replacing a defective hose of the clamping bars is very easy. Only a protective ring has to be removed. By doing the journals remain in the shaft and do not have to be realigned.

With the 9 strips, we are able to respond to all customer requirements.
The expansion clamping shafts can, e.g. be equipped with 3 aluminium bars for pneumatic pre-centring and 6 rubber / steel strips, for the clamping of the core. Also roller strips to allow the cores to be easily pushed on or remouved can be add.
Moreover, the shaft can be equipped with 3|6 or 9 clamping bars.

To guarantee short delivery times of the shaft, these can also be equipped with our standard bearing journal.

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