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Linear actuators

Series AT

The electromechanical actuators have to applied to the application following common and considerations made by our customers.

  • easy to mount
  • reduced dimension
  • minimum maintenance costs
  • competitive price

All the linear actuators are operated by brushless D.C. servo motors, which are connected to the actuator by gear box, which increase the torque.

The serie AT actuators are available in sereal configurations and are able to develop a thrust force of 500 kg at a max. speed of 40 mm per second, that can be modified by the panel MWG.52.

The ensure that an efficient and precise guide of the material is made, it is important that the correct actuator is selected for each application.

As can be seen in figure for the unwind guide the mechanical structure of the unwind machine must move behind the guide roll, so as to guarantee a good friction on the material. The sensor must be positioned and fixed immediately after the guide roll.

For unwind application the sensor must move with all the winding structure. It is also necessary to have a fixed roll guide between the sensors and the winding machine with a contact edge of at l