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High-power clamping shafts

Series PSW-Z winding shaft

This clamping shaft is a very sturdy shaft and suitable for high loads. Due to their special design, many special customer solutions can be implemented with it. Support tube material, clamping elements or the features of the journals can be customised for each application according to customer requirements.eter / measuring scale / stop limit ring

Types of winding shafts

Designs The IBD expanding shafts serie PSW-Z are available in the subsequent designs: 

  •  to fit for 50/70/70-76,2/100/120 150-152,4/200 mm 
    3", 4", 6", 8"
  • air valves: axial or radial
  • allows quick and easy central tube replacement
  • custom journal designs

Body either from:

Steelsturdy and dependableAluminumlight-weight and low costCarbonfaser        low net weight, high torque

Options and specials
slip-on adapters for bigger core diameters available. The adapter is slipped onto the gripping units and is locked with the adjustable rings provided.
measuring rule on the shaft´s body available