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Web guiding system

Serie web@path web guiding system

The web@path microprocessor control is easily able to manage all the ancillaries that are available in the web guide programme. This can further be extended to meet customers specific needs by software modification, providing a versatile package, capable of controlling even the most complex of applications.

The web@path control is simple to use. On the bar led it is possible to visualise the position of the material in relation to the sensors field of range (CCD) or the position of the correction device (with ultrasonisc sensor). The display indicates with extreme precision the deviation from the set point and the cover of the sensor, while during the calibration phase underlines the function that must be set in order to optain a correct setting of the instrument. 

The microprocessor is able to control the functions of edge guide, centering, and line guide, with or without motorised sensor carriers for positioning of the sensors. The control accepts the input signals from either the ultrasonic, or the CCD sensor, without modification.

The web@path system results in being a very compact option. The power supply for the electromechanical actuators is completely integrated into the web@path giving savings to the machine manufacturer. The system receives and manages the signals from the alarm and limit switch devices, and from the contact auto/stop from the machine.

Other components of the web guide system
 Linearer actutators
 pivot frame