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Ultrasonic sensors / infrared sensors

Series SU und SIR

The range of material edge reading sensors includes ultrasound SU and infrared SIR sensors: the former are able to work with materials such as paper, cardboard and plastic films of any colour or transparent; the latter are ideal on materials, soundproofing materials or with very thick weaves. The size and connection of all models is identical, which renders them perfectly interchangeable on the web guide, based on the material that is being produced. 

The centre guide is always possible by using two sensors at the same time: by considering the reading of both edges, the sensors guide the web by keeping the centre as the reference point.

Special versions of both sensors are available:

  • ultrasound sensors with centesimal reading,
  • ultrasound sensors for noisy environments,
  • infrared sensors with pneumatic attachment to clean the reading zone from machining residue (AIR version).