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Pneumatic disc brake

Typ eXtreme disc brake

User-friendly, with lower maintenance costs, compact and boasting an unparalleled performance, Extreme is the new FULLY PATENTED mono-disc pneumatic brake, designed to guarantee customer success.

1500 Nm of torque with 6 kW heat dissipation
In a brake, heat dissipation is the ability to get rid of the heat produced during continuous slipping. Thanks to a very high performance fan and a thoroughly designed self-ventilated disc, the Extreme brake can dissipate up to 6 kW, whilst keeping the braking torque constant.

300 mm diameter, 140 mm thick
A revolutionary brake with extremely compact dimensions, which enable it to be installed in confined spaces.

Hours of operation
Careful design and an innovative ventilation system mean that Extreme guarantees a very long pad life-span, plus negligible maintenance costs.


The patented housing underwent a study to improve its efficiency both in terms of cooling and size. Its compact design enables the brake to be fitted in confined spaces and helps to convey the air flow to the crucial zones of the brake. The caliper unit is built into the half-housing, ensuring that the entire brake is strong and produces low noise levels. Extreme is lightweight and easy to apply in place of multi-disc brakes, which can often be complex and heavy. The openings on the side make it easy for the operator to check for wear on the brake pads.


The cast iron self-ventilated disc and canalised flow, with fully patented design and concept of air entry into the disc, allows for the effective cooling of the brake’s crucial zones. This new technology guarantees a longer brake life-span and higher performance than that seen in older, multi-disc brakes.


The caliper unit was carefully designed, employing technology from other sectors including that of high performance cars, so as to take advantage of the most modern construction principles, used for the first time in the converting sector.

The result

  • even wear on the pads, 
  • improved efficiency, 
  • greater operating pressure, 
  • optimum use of the torque of each caliper, 
  • fewer parts.


All strictly ASBESTOS-FREE, the EXtreme pads are also patented. The special shape and the two central milled sections allow for better pad cooling, extending its useful life. The pad, over-moulded with a special steel plate, can be easily and rapidly coupled on the piston using two magnets. Pads wear evenly, meaning that the entire surface of the pad is used.