The IBD unwinder serie ABW are designed for unwinding processed material.The unwinder has a solid under frame and will finish mount produce. Appropriate our customers it will provide with components out of our products, for example with:

  • winding shaft to expand and center rolls safety chucks
  • radial adjusting carriage
  • control cylinder
  • electromagnetic powder brakes or pneumatically
  • controlled brakes
  • ultrasonic sensors control for decide the
  • bale diameter
  • tension control box
  • etc.

Basic Version

The basic version of our unwinders ist equipped with standard safety chucks and a simple winding shaft. The adjustment of the web tension can be made by a mechanic single disc brake. The basic version is perferct for easy applications where high precision is not required.

3“, 4“, 6“, 8“
Steel, Aluminum, Carbon
pneumatic, pneumo mechanic

Example: Air shaft Cantilevered