Web tension regulator and web tension controller systems are convincing at every level.

With technological competence and highest demands for quality.

An autarkic and commercially independent system solution. Because of the digital control by a microprocessor allows to check different datas for a higher accuracy to keep the reference values.

Tension Control

Microprocessor tension controller web@tens

Load Cells

Load cell as flange, with through shaft or as base style.

Sensor roller

Recommend for the web tension reading during the web processing

Ultrasonic Sensors / Infrared Sensors

Sensors for web guide.

Web guiding system

Web guiding system web@path

Web guiding system SKUBA

Web guiding system SKUBA with pivot frame and control unit.

Linear Actuators

Linear Actuator with stepper motor

WG series offset pivot guides

The ideal solution for the majority of web guide system applications

Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor US 52

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