Innovative clamping chucks set new standards in the market.

Particularly low wear through almost maintenance-free design.

Other advantages: high safeness, low costs, simple adapter change and particularly gentle through frictionally engaged clamping. This marks IBD Wickeltechnik chuck as one of our most successful and most familiar products for core inner diameters from 70 to 500 mm.

Pneumatic Claming Chucks – PSK-F

mounted on one side 50 – 250 kg

Clamping Chuck BEaring Unit [ WWL ]

available as a flanged mounted bearing unit or as a food mounted bearing unit.

Pneumatic Clamping Chucks – PSK.ZR.F

Diameters from 70 – 500 mm

Mechanical Clamping Chucks – MSK

Mechanical clamping chucks, expansion against rotation.

Mechanical Clamping Chucks – TM

Mechanical clamping chucks, expansion by axial displacement.

Alu Clamping Cones

Clamping cones for simple winding applications.

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