Pneumo-mechanical precision shaft - IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH

Pneumo-mechanical precision shaft

Series PMS winding shaft

With this precision shaft we achieve a concentricity of 0.1 mm at the tensioned sleeve. Despite its precision, this shaft has a very rugged design and is suitable for large loads. This shaft can be equipped with various high-quality pressure pieces and supplied, if needed, with a measuring scale and stop ring.

Pneumo-mechanical clamping shafts from IBD Wickeltechnik are among the highest quality products in the industry and are rarely surpassed in accuracy.  

The possibility to balance core tolerance by jaws which expanded variably is the feauture why this shaft serie PMS is especially suitable for applications which run more than one roll. 

Each jaw can be adjusted seperatly and it´s also possible to balance them - so the shafts serie PMS allow an exact cyclic running and a high running smoothness.

These features allow very high web speeds and because of that our shaft serie PMS is a product of high performance and high economy efficiency.

Advantages and application areas

  • Dynamically balanced on request
  • High concentricity
  • Very precise clamping
  • Ideal for very high speeds

The IBD expanding shaft is available in the subsequent designs:

> to fit for diameters 70 / 70 - 76,2 / 76 / 100 / 120 / 127 / 
   150 - 152,4, 200  mm. 
   Please request for further diameters.
> location of air valves: axially/radially or both
> dynamic balancing
> custom journal designs available to fit your
   equipment requirements 

Shaft body from
steel:           sturdy and dependable
aluminium:  light-weight and low-cost
measuring rule on the shafts body available