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Tension control

Series web@tens control unit

The digital  tension control with the microprocessor allows the storage of more data and can supply high accuracy of reference values.  

  • adjustable acceleration times to give soft starting
  • adjustable deceleration in emergency stop, by reference to the roll diameter
  • control of the sequences in the flying splice changes
  • possibility of control many inputs, from load cells or dancing rolls or ultrasonic sensors etc.

Model MW.90.10 / functions - tension control

  • 3 figure display for reading in daN
  • keys for presetting set points
  • programming keys
  • automatic or manual selection
  • E: I.F.D. bar for indicating the control output values

The output signal of the load cells and the input signal to the controller ist 0 - 16 mV, with a pre-amplifier integrated in the load cells it is possible to supply an output signal from the load cells of 0 - 20 mA. Regulator with load cells:input for load cells / min. and max. alarm voltage / out- put in voltage or in current / regulator parameters can be set up during transition period of acceleration and de-celeration etc.

Other components of the tension control
   Load cell