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Pivot frame

Series WG Pivot frame

The guide system with pivoting frame serie WG, has been designed to make the correction of bands of material while occupying with minimum of space. 

The system is used with two parallel rolls and must be positioned as near as possible to the zone where max. guide precision is to be optained.

It is importent that in the position of servo centre the rolls are prefectly parallel to the rest of the machine. The sensor must be located as near as possible to the output guide roll. The input (E) and the output (U) spaces must usually be bigger than half the width of the band.

In order to facilitate its position on the machine, the WG web guide system allows you 4 different runs for a total of 16 mounting positions. The pivot frame are controlled by a linear actuator, driven by brushless servo motor.

The guide rollers are aluminium as standard, but can be rubber or cork or anodized as options.

As the sensor must be positioned close to the guide roll, we adwise using our web path, so that the sensor can be fixed directly onto the web guide frame.

The WG carriers can be supplied as a complete assembly, housed in a metal framework, along with the input and output correction rolls. 

The MWG.52 control can also be housed in a framework, giving a very compact unit which is electronically calibrate at our factory, reducing the chance of installation problems.

Technical Data Sheet